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Metal Replacement

Metal Replacement is a revolutionary technology that transforms components traditionally made of metal or metal alloys into new parts, specifically reimagined and reengineered, using super-polymers and reinforced technopolymers. These advanced materials combine the high mechanical performance of metal with the numerous advantages offered by polymers, including fusion integration, corrosion resistance, and other fundamental aspects.

The Economic Benefits resulting from the adoption of this technology are manifold. Firstly, secondary operations required for processing components are reduced or even eliminated, greatly simplifying the production process. Ease of production is another advantage, as polymeric materials allow for the creation of complex geometries with remarkable ease, simultaneously enabling the consolidation of articles and a greater number of parts per mold, optimizing overall productivity.

From a Performance perspective, Metal Replacement offers significant improvements. Tribology, for example, benefits from a substantial optimization, while the reduction in the total weight of the product contributes to increased energy efficiency and overall performance. Corrosion resistance and resistance to chemical agents are additional strengths, ensuring a longer lifespan of the component and greater reliability in use.

On an Aesthetic level, Metal Replacement opens the doors to infinite possibilities of coloring and color combinations, allowing unprecedented design flexibility. This creative freedom translates into an enhancement of ergonomic design, contributing to bestow a refined and modern aesthetic to the final products.

In summary, Metal Replacement not only revolutionizes the production of components but also provides a solid economic, performance, and aesthetic foundation, promoting the adoption of advanced and reinforced plastic materials in sectors where the use of metal traditionally prevailed.

Some examples of products made possible by Metal Replacement

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