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Third-party Molding

Production department

Our presses are state-of-the-art 4.0 hybrid machines, combining hydraulic and electric technologies, and are consistently maintained by both in-house and external personnel. Each press is equipped with on-board accessories necessary for molding various types of technopolymers and plastic materials.

By utilizing these tools (air recirculation dryers, dehumidifiers), we ensure that raw materials are free of residual moisture, aiming to guarantee stability in the production process. All presses are accompanied by electric and/or pneumatic robots for handling scrap, molded pieces, and potential inserts to be placed in the mold for overmolding components.

The machines are equipped with software that enables statistical control of predetermined process parameters (SPC), ensuring the monitoring of the best possible stability.

Metal co-molding

Where metal becomes irreplaceable, it is possible to obtain a new product by skillfully combining plastic and metal using the overmolding technique, thus maximizing the characteristics of both materials.

Injection overmolding or co-molding, facilitated by dedicated machinery or on-press automations, can provide technical solutions that integrate the advantages of metal and plastic into a single product. This allows for the optimal utilization of the properties and performance capabilities of both materials.


Bi-material presses, unlike single-material presses, offer the possibility of molding two different thermoplastic materials in the same mold, thanks to two independent injection units.

There are numerous advantages to bi-material molding:

  • Elimination of assemblies and reduced cycles (lower costs for the customer)
  • Production of high-thickness artifacts
  • Production of artifacts in 2 or more colors
  • Overmolding of seals for various types of seals
  • Improvement of the tactile and visual perception of the artifact


The molding department is supported by Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software for real-time detection and control of production data.

It is an advanced solution that integrates planning, monitoring, control, and real-time data analysis processes. MES enhances efficiency, quality, and traceability in production, allowing for increased productivity and waste reduction. This system manages the entire production cycle, from collecting data from the machine to overseeing human and material resources.

Refurbishments and Assemblies

We have the capability to perform refurbishments of the molded product and reshape it if necessary.

We can create custom packaging for the product to ensure it travels around the world protected and secure.

We can arrange post-molding assemblies and packaging of specific kits with molded pieces and others provided on a job order basis by our customers or purchased directly from us.

Pad printing, screen printing, deburring, polishing, and welding are services that we typically provide to our customers.

Maintenance of Molds and Equipment

Maintenance is a company procedure aimed at carrying out preventive maintenance interventions to reduce the likelihood of failure or degradation of the operation of a production entity (mold). It is managed by dedicated scheduling software that notifies toolroom personnel at predetermined intervals. The equipment/molds stored with us are covered by an All Risks insurance policy.

Quality and Testing

The quality control department is equipped with traditional bench tools such as calipers, go/no-go gauges, gauges, etc., as well as modern measurement devices such as Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) and Vision Measuring Machines. With these tools and the expertise of our technicians, we can periodically verify critical dimensions of each component. Upon request, capability studies (Cp - Cpk) can be conducted using Statistical Process Control (SPC) techniques during sampling.
We also perform part-to-model comparisons using specific measurement software.

If necessary, we collaborate with accredited external laboratories for analyzing the moisture content of polymer raw materials and molded components or for conducting specific tests on plastic materials such as DSC, viscosity measurement in solution, TGA, Melt Flow Index, and others.

Quality Assurance
Our Company Quality System is certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standards by KIWA-CERMET (certificate).

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