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Mold Construction


An important strength within Plastical's production process is the in-house design, which establishes a trustful relationship between the customer and the company. It ensures professionalism, assistance, and quality at every stage of mold construction.

Well-prepared technical designers use the best CAD and CAM software, such as:

  • SolidWorks
  • Solid Edge
  • Cimatron
  • Visi
  • Tebis

Particularly crucial for effective design is the Moldflow program, a software for simulating plastic injection molding. This software provides fast, accurate, and flexible injection molding simulation tools to help analysts and designers validate and optimize plastic parts and molds.


Molds are produced both internally and externally, always according to our technical specifications.

Internally: In the case of short delivery times or for prototype molds that require rapid and repeated adjustments.

Externally: When mold sizes and mechanical processes are beyond the capabilities of our machine tools. In this case, the supplier is supervised by our specialized technical staff and produces the equipment based on our technical designs.

Decades of collaborations with various types of mechanical workshops have allowed us to create a network of suppliers both nationally and internationally. This network ensures careful, efficient, and fast mold construction, maintaining the highest technical and quality standards for the equipment, as if they were produced by us.


Sampling serves the purpose of:

Verifying that the mold correctly produces the part requested by the customer using specific devices for the necessary dimensional verification, contact measuring machines (Coordinate Measuring Machine), optical measuring machines (Vision Measuring Machine), and traditional bench tools;

Defining process parameters and process capabilities for subsequent productions using Statistical Process Control (SPC) techniques, thus ensuring a consistent quality standard;

Establishing technological limits of the production process.

Qualifying the product using appropriate measuring devices to obtain approval from the customer. The entire sampling phase is supervised by qualified personnel in continuous collaboration with the customer. Once the sampling process is completed and approved by the customer, all necessary data is recorded for the preparation of specific Operating Instructions essential for future productions.

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